Your ideal partner

Our experience in national and international transport services, coupled with the availability of fully-equipped warehouses for the storage of various types of goods, their proximity to the transport terminals so as to allow the immediate routing of shipments, the size of the vehicle fleet and our specialisation in the widespread distribution of foodstuffs (perishable or non-perishable) and dangerous goods make LCT S.p.a. a qualified partner for all your needs when it comes to transport and logistics.

The goal is you

LCT S.p.a. can satisfy all your needs with experience, a highly professional approach and the utmost efficiency, while at all times respecting the environment. The Company is constantly working to improve its freight carriage options and transport times, taking care of every detail to ensure the customer’s full satisfaction, which is a source of huge professional gratification for all our staff.

Our main asset

LCT S.p.a. is specialised in intermodal transport by sea. Our partnership with the Grimaldi Lines Group ensures a daily delivery service throughout the year, to and from Sicily to domestic and international destinations, providing a full and groupage cargo service every day of the week.

Handling equipment

Port Logistics tractor
Forklifts (H. 6 metres) x 12 tons
Pallet trucks
Pallet trucks with mast (H. 5 metres)
Lift trucks

Hub e Transit Point Italia

Aprilia - Brindisi - Cagliari - Castiglione delle Stiviere - Catania - Civitavecchia - Genoa - Lamezia Terme - Livorno - Lucca - Palermo - Ravenna - Rovigo - Salerno - Sulmona - Tortona - Venice